Industrial Solutions

Eco Perfect provides custom onsite fuel economy solutions to the industrial sector, such as mines, petroleum based power-stations as well as maritime fueling stations. Read more...

Commercial Fleets

Fuel costs are the largest portion of expenses of operating a vehicle or a fleet, comprising as much as 40 percent of the total overhead in running a vehicle. As profit margins in operating these vehicles can be relatively small it is possible to increase net profit by as much as 50 percent by reducing fuel consumption. Eco perfect can significantly increase the profit margin of your fleet. Read more...

Eco Perfect Science

Eco Perfect is the result of nano-engineering. Rather than adding chemicals in order to improve the combustion of fossil fuels, Eco Perfect modifies the hydrocarbon molecule with Hydro-nanotechnology. The engineered fuel particle now burns evenly and completely. Read more about how Eco Perfect works here...

HOW ECO PERFECT WORKSfaster combustion

Eco perfect takes a new approach to combustion as compared with conventional additives. Rather than using additional chemicals to accelerate the combustion process, D&Y laboratories uses its patented hydro-nano technology to modify the hydrocarbon (fuel molecule). This results in an ordered burn process.

The modified hydrocarbons have an increased reaction to oxygen in their vicinity, resulting in complete burn within the combustion chamber. All fuel combusts, regardless of workload variances.

The end result is more power, a clean engine (no more carbon deposits) and less pollutant exiting with the exhaust. This all adds up to greatly increased fuel efficiency and engine life.

Eco Perfect average fuel savingsTHE ECO PERFECT ADVANTAGE

Eco Perfect is ahead of carbon emission regulations in lessening the effect of carbon on the world. By improving the combustion process Eco Perfect becomes the ideal product for decreased carbon output.

Our formula is simple:

    • Cause all the fuel to burn.
    • Add no chemicals to the combustion process.
    • Achieve perfect combustion.