Fuel Savings Calculator

Fuel calculator instructions:

  • Select the region from the drop down for up to date fuel costs in your location, alternately simply enter the diesel price directly through the calculator.
  • Enter the amount of diesel you want treated with Eco Perfect.
  • Select package quantity for Eco perfect, the default has been set at a 55 gallon drum (55 gallons Eco Perfect will treat 22,000 gallons of diesel) as this will get you the best price for our product, other options are available and the price will automatically adjust for those packages.
  • If you have done a test with Eco Perfect select the percentage of fuel economy you got. Our default savings has been set to a low conservative estimate based on customer feedback.
  • Press the “calculate” button.
Fuel Type
Cost per gallon $
amount of gallons to be treated
Price options based on quantity eco perfect purchased
fuel economy %